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Three Events in the "A" Week of June, 27 - July, 3

June, 29th

Greenlight Acting Studios presents The Workout Teens - A New Approach to Scene Study.

Taught by Amey Richards, the class blends partnered scene work, improv exercises, technique exercises, monologue work, and more! “The Workout” will mix it up and keep you in shape artistically for whatever opportunities come your way. You’re an actor, and this is your gym!

Click here for more information.,

July, 1st

Sketch Oddities: A Film Sketch Comedy Competition

July 1st, we’ll be back again with another showing of comedic film shorts, and we will need you to tell us which is the winner!

Each film group gets 10 minutes or less for each short to show us what they’ve got, and after we’ve premiered all submissions for the night, we’ll ask YOU to vote on your favorite one!

Come down to Dynamic El Dorado on July 1st @ 9:30 and probably find some laughs! Doors at 9! Tickets available online & at the door!

Click here for tickets.

Atlanta Film Society presents Short Film 101 w/Kath Berardi (Online Course)

Taught online as a 4-part series, Kathy Berardi is offering a July 2021 workshop in which attendees will receive A to Z guidance on how to successfully write, produce, and direct a short film. Filmmakers in all roles of the creative process will learn to select fellow lead team members, how to effectively collaborate, and the following comprehensive highlights:

  • The Beginning Steps to Make a Short

  • How to Write Your Short

  • Produce a Short like an Indie Film

  • Direct in a Collaborative Way

  • Build Experience to Launch a Film Career

  • And network with other students who can help you make your film!


Click here for more information.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this post? Please share your event below in the comment section.

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