Three Entertainment Industry Networking Events

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With the entertainment industry quickly growing in Atlanta, you’re more-than-likely to find a plethora of networking events. According to Investopedia, Networking is “the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest usually in an informal setting.”

Whatever your job may be in the industry, be it acting, director, writer, producer, etc. networking is vital. Not only can you make new connections, but it can provide you with opportunities such as a role in a film or an ability to collaborate on projects.

Listed below are three networking events in Atlanta.

Get Connected Atlanta - is a film and entertainment industry networking mixer. Our mission is to connect filmmakers and entertainers outside of their ordinary networks and to provide a relaxing environment that helps to establish valuable connections.”

Screenplay South - Social Hour for Screenwriters & Filmmakers “ Every month we host a social hour where you can socialize and network with other Atlanta and southeast based writers and filmmakers. Enjoy a few drinks while discussing the craft of screenwriting and network with other filmmakers looking for their next idea to produce.”

Film Bar Mondays - “Since August of 2014, Film Bar Mondays has been bringing the film community together every week to connect, relax, and welcome folks new to the local film scene.”

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