The Starting Point for Aspiring Actors

Oftentimes, I am asked the question,“What if I am an aspiring actor and I want to get a Talent Agent, but the only experience that I have is working as a background actor. How can I go about getting speaking roles if I don’t have that experience?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!

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There are several ways in which you can get booked for speaking roles.


The first way is by going onto Facebook and becoming a member of groups where people post needs for their Indie Projects. Groups such as the Atlanta Film Community ONLY Speaking Role Casting Calls (Southeast US) Atlanta Film Production Group just to name a few. Once you are added into any of these groups, you might notice that what needs to be cast are Indie or short films, that trade payment for an IMDB Credit, copy (for a demo reel) and meals.


Not only can you find Indie casting calls on Facebook, but there are also many places online where you can find them, such as Love2act, Eventbrite and The Southern Casting Call.

Free work?

Don’t allow the fact that most of the projects that you find either within these groups or online are unpaid. Usually, for a trade-off for your time you will receive an IMDB credit, a copy of your work (for your demo reel) and a meal is included. Trust me! I too had a lot of experience working as a background actor and only had just one experience with a speaking role. I looked at some of the groups mentioned above and found free work. But guess what? I was able to create a demo reel to showcase my talent and submit it to talent agencies and for different castings.

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