December 10, 2021

Grammy-Nominated artist, DJ Willy Wow launches

non-profit that uses music to educate + advocate for children and families.

First project includes viral video: “My Hoodie”

ATLANTA, Georgia – Today Grammy-Nominated artist, DJ Willy Wow [also known as William March], launched the Hip Hope for Kids Foundation, a non-profit focused on using music to educate and advocate for children and their families.

As a career entertainer in the children’s industry, he is seeking to use music to help change the narrative on stereotypes that impact children and families.

My hope with this foundation is to reignite innocence back into children and families, while having a little fun.

The first project, “My Hoodie," soft launched at the end of November and immediately gained traction. On December 8 social media was on fire when he launched a full music video and store.

I love how “My Hoodie” is empowering kids to own the right to have fun and feel free to express themselves in their hoodies, one commenter said.

Set in downtown Atlanta, GA, in the music video, you see children in multiple colors of hoodies with huge smiles proud to wear their hoodie. There is even a cameo by March’s new dog who has his very own hoodie.

View the Video Here:My Hoodie (feat. DJ WILLY WOW!) - YouTube

Join the Movement and Purchase a Hoodie: My Hoodie™ – Shop My Hoodie™

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