Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Having a headshot is a necessity if you are a working actor or trying to become one. According to Balance Careers, “a headshot is a close-up shot of your face that Casting Directors, Producers, Writers, and Directors use to get a quick look at actors to see if they have the right physical attributes for a given role.” (Breman, 2018) All a headshot basically is, a calling card for actors.

As a professional actor, you will only need two different headshots; a commercial and a theatrical headshot.

A commercial headshot shows your personality and your smile.

A theatrical headshot is serious and theatrical for drama for film and television.

What colors should I wear?

According to SmartHeadshots, you should “pick a shirt color that contrasts your skin color, instead of one that blends into your skin” For instance, “dark-skinned people a deep purple shirt or even red or yellows look great.” ( Avoid whites and shirts that have patterns can be too distracting.


· The night before your photoshoot be sure to get plenty of rest. Placing green tea bags and or ice on your eyes can decrease puffiness.

· Be sure to have multiple shirt changes, as the photographer may shoot different looks.

Shortlist of Professional Headshot Photographers in Atlanta, GA

1. Tracy Bosworth Page

2. Dwayne Boyd Photography

3. Jackie Goldston Photography

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