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MARIETTA, GA - (December 17, 2022) - Actress Dani Guevarez is blessed to make her TV debut as a guest star on Season 3 Episode 10 of First Wives Club. Streaming now on BET Plus. Dani began acting in 2008. While pursuing her acting career, Dani took time to obtain her MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship from Strayer University.

Dani is also the CEO and Founder of Acting for Beginners, which inspires aspiring actors. As the founder and CEO, Acting for Beginners has brought Dani joy and purpose to her life and has helped fill a void within the Atlanta Acting Community. With a passion for giving back, Dani is hosting an acting workshop on January 7, 2023, in Smyrna, GA, along with special guests from Atlanta Film and TV and Slingshots photography.

To purchase tickets to the workshop, visit the Acting For Beginners Facebook group page, and the Instagram page @Acting for Beginners or visit the Acting for Beginners website.

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