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Five Virtual Events in the "A" Week of November 29 -December 5

December 3

Seed and Spark presents The Art of the Pitch with WIFTA taught by Bri Castellini

Thinking about making a movie or a show? Great! We wanna watch it. But first, how are you going to pitch it to the people who will help get it off the ground? We’ve got an answer through our Art of the Pitch workshop.

This workshop is about connecting what you want to do with your career - that big hairy, audacious goal - with the steps it takes to get there, and how you have to be prepared to pitch to different constituents along the way.

This workshop expands on the pitching section of our Crowdfunding workshop to cover various conditions for pitching during your independent creative career.

Click here to register.

Seed and Spark presents The Distribution Down Low with WIFTA

Free and Online

Click here to register

Catapult Acting presents FREE Virtual Tutorial | Youth Auditioning 101

The ever-expanding TV & Film industry in Atlanta is poised to have its best pilot season yet as more and more shows are casting talent out of the Southeast. Join Catapult Acting Founder Erik Lingvall for his FIRST-EVER free virtual tutorial on auditioning!

In this FREE 1-hour lesson actors will learn:

• Where and how to get LEGIT auditions

• How the audition process works

• Hands-on audition technique tips with live questions (Note: Viewers will have the opportunity to watch Erik work one on one LIVE with an actor and ask questions throughout the process.)

• What makes a great self -tape

• Tricks to lighting your audition

• What type of camera to use

• How to stand out amongst the flock

• How to paint your imaginary canvas

• Much more!

NOTE: This virtual forum will be held on Zoom and is available for actors and non-actors alike, from anywhere in the world. We are currently offering a number of virtual experiences for our clients. Registration is required to participate in this and all other events.

Click here to register.

December 5

Atlanta Film Society Presents Back To One Filmmaking Basics Class

In this series of film classes, 20-year industry veteran, Producer Linda Burns, gives students the answers needed to begin their journey into the world of TV & Film. Register today to start your career on the right foot! Pick the film class that’s right for you, or save money by registering for all 3 classes together.

Click here for more information and to register.

Atlanta Film Society presents Acting Workshop: Creating Three-Dimensional Characters

As the Georgia Film & Television industry continues to grow, local & regional actors are getting more and more opportunities to flex their acting muscles with every audition. But with a record number of new projects constantly in production, limited information given, AND being on your own to record, how do you create dynamic, engaging characters that jump off the screen yet still fit into the project at hand?

Learn how effective research, attention to detail & improvisation techniques help create nuanced, authentic characters for seemingly “by-the-book” roles.

Click here for more information and to register.

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