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Five Virtual Events in the "A" Week of April 12-18

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

April 13

“Join Atlanta Actor’s Collective and Film Impact Georgia as we go live at noon, to discuss the state of the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For more information, check out this virtual event here.

April 14

Get Scene Presents a FREE online workshop to help teach you How To Get An Agent.

To register for this free event via Zoom, click here.

April 15

Atlanta Actor’s Collective presents Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready, The 101 Series

“We curated a handful of 1-hour online classes that will give you everything you need to know to become a working actor.”

For more information, check out the event here.

April 16

Film Impact Georgia Presents Ask a Pro Anything Featuring Producer Natalie Metzger

“This concept is part TED Talk, part casual conversation designed to give people an inside look into our professional guest speakers’ process. We’ll start exploring the ups and downs of their journey and follow the conversation wherever it takes us.”

For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

April 18

Virtual VO | Atlanta Voiceover Studio

“Think of it as a mini VO conference, all done from the comfort of your own home!”


Radio Imaging w/ Adam Schnieder

Branding w/ Johnathan Tilley

Audio Books w/ Erin Spencer

Animation w/ Debi Derryberry

For more information, click here to check out the event.

Do you know of a virtual event not mentioned in this blog post? Send us an email to,

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