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Five Virtual Events in the "A"

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

April 7

Get Scene Studios Presents Understanding The Process

Join Tony DeMil and Jesse Malinowski in this FREE online workshop!

“Script analysis and characterization are hugely important when it comes to auditioning and being on set. But it’s your “homework” when it comes to scene work and being an actor.”

To register for this free online workshop, click here.

Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) presents COVID-19 IMPACT, RESOURCES, AND HOPE For GA Entertainment Industry

“The topics will be aimed at talking about the current climate of our industry, ways we can stay motivated through the shift, and where our industry can turn to when it comes to resources for those who have been impacted.


For more information on this event check out the event here.

April 8

Atlanta Voice Over Studio Presents The Character of You w/Steve Henderson

You’ll learn:

Deep dive into how to find your true voice

Discover the different characters that are already within you and how to apply them with your conversational

Learn about the “burden of the words.” What it is, why it’s hampering your performance.

For more information for this workshop, click here.

Atlanta Hollywood Acting Studios presents FREE Online Acting Class with Alpha Trivette

Atlanta-based actor Alpha Trivette will help you increase your confidence to audition and “nail it!” with this weekly course.”

For more information for this free online class, click here.

April 9

Catapult Acting Presents Free Virtual Forum | Let’s Get Intentional

“Catapult founder Erik Lingvall will be joined by a panel of experts in their fields, discussing how we can strengthen our intentionality, in our mind, body, and spirit.”

For more information and to register for this free forum, click here.

Do you know of virtual event not listed in this blog post? Send us an email to

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