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Five Events in the "A" Week of March 28 - April 4th

March 28

Actors Link-Up present The “Why” Workshop

The “Why” workshop was created to give a step-by step-guide to new actors to confidently thrive in the acting industry.

Click here for ticket information.

Greenlight Acting Studios presents Drop-By Open House Meet & Greet

Drop by at your leisure and enjoy a tour of our studio, time to chat with studio owner and actress Erin Bethea, and get the chance to meet several of our other acting coaches, as well as directors, producers, and celebrities!

We can’t wait to meet you, and show you our new studio classrooms, audition taping space, voice recording set-up, and more!

Reserve a ticket for this event and attend the Open House to receive 15% off of your first service at Greenlight Acting Studios!

COVID-19 Safety Info: Face coverings are required for entry to the studio. We have set this event up as a “drop-by” open house to aid in limiting capacity for the purpose of social distancing. Temperature checks will be completed at the door. Stay safe, and we cannot wait to see you!

March 30

Georgia Media Academy present “No More Fear” Public Speaking with Summer Jackson


In this course, students will learn techniques to overcome public speaking anxiety, how to give a clear and concise presentation, how to incorporate media tools during live presentations, and master connecting with your audience.


Tips to speak confidently

Enhance speech development skills

Skills for impromptu public speaking skills

Skills to overcome public speaking anxiety

Connecting with your audience


Willingness to perform a public presentation

Access to the Internet

Computer, laptop, iPhone or Android phone

Pen and Notepad

Large Notecards


Certificate of Completion

●. Skills to be a more confident public speaker

● Tips to overcome public speaking anxiety

● Ability to speak publicly in large and small group settings

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

April 1

Women’s Weekend Film Challenge presents How To Make An Oscar-Nominated Short Film?

How does a short film become an Oscar contender?

What can a director and cinematographer do to heighten the quality of a short?

How do filmmakers ensure that their projects will advance their careers?

Elvira Lind, writer/director of “The Letter Room,” and Eugene Koch, director of photography of “Feeling Through” will answer these questions and more during this weekend workshop! Both films received an Oscar nomination for best live-action short in 2021.

Plus, Elvira and Eugene will provide feedback on audience-submitted trailers. A few will be chosen for the live critique so that all attendees can learn from feedback.

Click here for more information and tickets.

April 3

Alliance Theater presents Free Acting Workshops - Virtual

Youth & Teen

This free virtual acting workshops allow prospective students the opportunity to participate in our virtual class platform, and learn about our upcoming virtual classes!

Students will:

  • Actively engage in theater exercises

  • Participate in group-warm-up

  • Work with classmates

  • Receive instructor feedback

  • Learn about upcoming classes and programs

Students who register and attend this workshop are eligible for a 20% discount toward an upcoming class.

Click here for more information and to register.

Is there an event that you know of not mentioned in this post? Please comment below, and tell us about your event.

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