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Five Events in the "A" Week of June 6 - 12

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

June 8

The Actor’s Scene 3 - Week Class Series Presents Content Creation Concepts

Let your creativity come out to play in this fun series taught by Coach Sanna Erica!

Whether you're looking to bring a quirky character to life or be the next TikTok sensation, this class will help you navigate and sharpen the tools needed to create dynamic content in today's various platforms.

Classes will be on Tuesday evenings; June 8th, 15th, 22nd.

Ages 9-12 - 6-6:55PM

Ages 13-17 - 7-7:55PM

Adult - 8-8:55PM

ONLY $49!

Click here to register!

Catapult Acting Presents Virtual Intro To TV/Film | Youth

This introductory virtual class serves as an exploratory experience for students interested in professional acting for TV and Film, focusing on bettering the human being, not just the actor. Through a combination of acting exercises, on-camera play, improv games, and active listening, students have the opportunity to dive into TV/Film acting while developing valuable techniques and life skills. In this fun, creative environment, students will learn the importance of play, mindset, listening, empathy, connection, and drive!

INSTRUCTOR: Danny Annone

AGES: 7 – 12

WEEKDAY: Tuesdays starting June 8th

TIME: 5pm – 6:30pm


INVESTMENT: $175/ 6 Weeks.


prereq: None

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Summer semester dates: June 8, June 15, June 22, June 29, July 6, July 13.

Click here for more information.

June 9

Greenlight Acting Studios Presents The Actor’s CEO 2-Day Intensive

Your acting career is your very own small business. That makes you the CEO of your company! Learn the skills and information to start approaching your acting career with all the knowledge and strategy of a budding entrepreneur.

Join coach Christian Stokes as you take a deep dive into the important things you need to know to run your “company.” From tools of the trade to working with agencies and managers, marketing techniques, branding, publicity outreach, unions, reviewing contracts, and so much more!

2 - Day Intensive:

Wednesday, June 9, 6- 9 pm & Thursday, June 10, 6-9 pm

Click here for more information.

June 10

The Black Film Collective Presents Speaker Series Featuring Cameron Squires Writer, WandaVision

Click here for more information and to RSVP.

June 11

Greenlight Acting Studios Presents The Actor’s Process Intro with Celebrity Acting Coach Erin Bethea An Introduction to the Technique Created by Celebrity Acting Coach Warner Loughlin

Warner Loughlin is a celebrated acting coach, who’s technique has been dubbed the “new method.” Used by acclaimed actors including Amy Adamas, Ryan Reynolds, Evan Peters, Zooey Deschanel, Matt Bomer, Rachel Weisz, and many more.

This technique presents a whole-brained approach to connecting emotionally to your character, living through them to create authentic performances that let you “drop in” to their mind and emotions take after take. Learn how to make your actor’s homework best serve you!

Taught by studio owner Erin Bethea, who has practiced and applied Warner’s technique for nearly 15 years since the two met and worked together on a film set in 2007.

3 - Day Intensive:

Friday, June 11, 6-10 pm| Saturday, June 12, 10 am - 1 pm & 2-6 pm| Sunday, June 13, 1-5 pm

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this post? Please comment on your event below in the comment section.

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