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Five events in the "A" Week of July 21-27

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

July 23

“Table Read Live showcases the narrative work of southeastern writers during a live, public table read. This month a group of writers are showcasing their original comedy Famously Dependent, comedic look at what happens when a social media star loses his ‘15 minutes of fame and attempts to maintain a facade with his unsuspecting roommates.”

For more information, be sure to check out the event page.

July 24

Film Pitch ATL #12

“Film Pitch is a monthly event held at Ponce City Market where you can engage with some of the southeast’s most talented, independent filmmakers. Listen as they tell you about their most current production and learn how they plan to take it from script to screen.” For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

July 25

One Free Class Audit - Keep It Reel (Teen) w/Heather Perry

For more information, be sure to check out the event page.

July 27

“Want a head start on how the set works? Learn how to make your own content with April Billingsley, at Beyond The Audition The On-Set Experience.” For questions and to sign up, email

One Free Class Audit - Pre-teen Acting Class with Matthew Seiden

This class will include:

Fundamentals of acting, On-Set Movement, Voice and Diction, Acting Techniques (Method acting, sense memory, and character development) On-Camera Performance and Scene Study.

For more information on how to audit this class for free, be sure to check out the event page.

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