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Five Events in the "A" Week of January 31 - February 6

January 31

XC Creative Spaces presents 2021 Planning Party

We wanted to make sure that we created the perfect event for you all!

The 2021 planning party will be a Virtual event! This planning party is perfect for business owners, future business owners, visionaries, and those seeking to figure out ways to improve on what they already have planned out.

Your investment is ONLY $49.00! 😱

Idk about you but that’s a steal.

Your investment includes:

-Swag box

-Meditation by @chawanisspeaks

-Orbit by @denardash (what business you should do and how to align your business)

-Business principles by @dandre.ash (Turning it from a hobby to a business)





Action steps/consulting -reach out to us to set up your one on one time



- taxes

-business credit

-PPP loan

Interested in this event? Click here to join.

Beginning February 1

Atlanta Voice Over Studio presents Learn Adobe Audition

What you’ll learn:

This 1-month class is designed to teach you how to become proficient at recording and editing in ADOBE AUDITION. By the end of the month, you’ll understand everything you need to know to submit a technically great-sounding audition and WOW your agent or client. This class is 100% online via Zoom.

The class will cover the following:

  • A brief overview covering microphones and interfaces.

  • Basic overview of De-noising & De-clicking your audio with stock Adobe Audition plugins as well as Izotope RX elements.

  • Professionally treating your space. Soundproofing vs Acoustic Treatment. Soundproofing methods & Acoustic treatment methods. 1 on 1 help with your individual space.

  • Terms that typically confuse people and stop them from grasping crucial concepts.

  • Connecting your hardware to your software. Understanding the why, not just the how.

  • How to set up a technically accurate project and why we set it up this way.

  • How to set proper levels for the highest quality possible.

  • How to find your noise floor and why it’s so crucial for having a pro-sounding audition.

  • Proper mic technique that will give you consistency in your audio.

  • The ins and outs of editing your audio inside Adobe Audition. Keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow more efficient & less time-consuming.

  • Equalization & compression for Voiceover.

  • A deep dive into equalization. An engineer’s perspective. How the specific frequencies affect the voice and how to tame harsh sibilance within your EQ.

  • Punch & Roll

  • Measuring for Audiobooks/ACX

  • Spectral Frequency Display

  • List of our recommended equipment

  • Lifetime access to the recorded class!

Click here to learn more about this course.

February 2

Georgia Production Partnership presents How GPP How and the GA Tax Incentive Began

Join us on Tuesday, February 2nd for a Replay of our Origin Story panel talking about how GPP and the tax incentive began! We are excited to preview this panel for FREE to all of our viewers coming off the launch of our two-day Georgia Production Summit. This is the first of the special promotion that we are offering for viewing the #2021GPSREPLAY ! Special registration will open soon for purchasing individual tickets to get to view all of our panels from our 30+ guest-speakers covering topics on live production, music, gaming, film/tv, and more! Stay tuned for more information on how to get access to the replay!

For more information, be sure to follow @georgiaproductionpartnership on Instagram.

February 4 - 6

SCAD | aTVfest 2021| Virtual

SCADFILM, is the leading program for working professionals in film and television, animation, gaming, and digital arts, offering unparalleled opportunities to learn and network. SCAD AnimationFest, SCAD GamingFest, and SCAD aTVfest bring professional experiences, intriguing insights, and the best work in each field to SCAD students and the public.

Now in its ninth year, SCAD aTVfest is the longest-running of the SCADFILM festivals and an international event celebrating the latest in design, creativity, and innovation in television and media. Working professionals from all spheres of content production gather for screenings, premieres, panel discussions, and workshops. Explore the latest trends in broadcast, streaming, cable, web, social media, and advertising, and see the best content airing today. Opportunities abound to connect and network with future peers practicing in front of and behind the screen.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

February 6

Atlanta Film Society presents The Relationship Between The Director and Cinematographer

Where do all great relationships stem from? Trust, heart, and belief. It is very important who you have around you, who you communicate ideas to, and how they can help you bring those ideas to life. Sit down with us as a Director and Director of Photography to discuss the power of this union and how it can make or break any production.

We will go over:

  • The Role of the Director

  • The Role of the Director of Photography

  • Communicating Vision

  • Technical execution

  • Finding the right creative fit

  • Building Trust

  • Elevating and pushing each other’s vision

  • Building a team

Q&A will follow the discussion. Each virtual class is fun, interactive and we welcome your heart, vision, and questions. This will be a great opportunity to learn and connect with others within your artistic community as well.

Click here to register for this course.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this post? Click here, to fill out our “contact us” form and tell us about your event!

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