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Five Events in the "A" week of January 12-19

Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash

January 13

Blake Vision Entertainment Presents Get To Work Acting Class

“Blake Vision Entertainment offers challenging, professional-driven training for working and professional actors, as well as, classes for beginners ready to take a creative leap.”

For more information, check out the Blake Vision website.

1 FREE CLASS AUDIT - On - Camera with Erin Bethea

*“Recommended for immediate or advanced actors.” *

“This limited offering 8-week course focuses on working with a camera, incorporating blocking, continuity, and business to prepare actors for work on set.”

For more information, check out the class on Eventbrite.

January 16

Christian Women in Media A Gathering of Education, Inspiration, and Connection

“All Christian women who impact our culture in media are invited to become a part of this vibrant and growing organization. It is our desire to connect women in purpose and vision. Media is not limited to television and radio, it includes all forms of mass communication, arts and entertainment: Internet/Social Media, Publishing/Authors, Journalism, Film, Music, and Support Agencies


For more information and tickets, check out the event on Eventbrite.

January 18

Coach John Screenwriting Academy

Are you an aspiring screenwriter who is “still dreaming about writing that screenplay? Want to make 2020 the year you finally turn your novel or idea into a great screenplay, and start pitching it to production companies? This one-day training session is designed to teach you the basic elements, key concepts necessary to write an effective screenplay, turning your novel into a screenplay, and how to pitch your idea to Hollywood film producers and agents!”

For more information on this academy, check out the event on Facebook.

January 19

Red Carpet Actors Sunday Funday Kids On-Camera Workshops

“ACTING OUT is a fun-damentals class, where students explore breaking down a script, creating a character and making strong acting choices through monologue and scene work. This 6-week class series culminates in a showcase that parents and family members are invited to attend.”

For more information on this acting class for kids and the instructors check out the event on the Red Carpet Actors website.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this blog post? Send us an email to

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