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Five Events in the "A" Week of February 21 - 27

February 21

At-Home Tips from the Pros

Easy How To’s for Self-Taping and Live Streaming Callbacks and Table Reads

Sunday, February 21 at 6 pm

VIA ZOOM (see link below)



Photographer Tracy Bosworth Page, Gene Szucs from Sony, Ryan White from Rode Mic, and Barry Garcia from Nanlite.

COVID may have forced the change to taped and live-streamed auditions and table reads, but it is probably a change that will stay around. We are going to help you answer the questions of how to light your auditions (simply and with a minimum of equipment) and what cameras and mics to use in which settings. In addition, Tracy is going to give you a list of all of the products she recommends complete with cables so you know what to purchase if you need to purchase.

In this we will cover:

~How to light for a self-tape audition

~Where to place the camera

~Camera / lens recommendations

~How to set up audio for self-taping

~Recommended camera settings

~How to light for a zoom audition/callback/table read

~How to use an external camera like a Sony for live feed

PLUS Tracy’s list of recommended products for Self-Taping and Live Stream (Zoom) Meetings

Click here for more information and the Zoom link.

February 23

Get Scene Studios presents Big Picture of Commercials

A lot goes into whether or not an actor books the role. Specific things are completely out of our hands. Especially in commercials. We are bringing that entire experience into our virtual classroom to help be stronger commercial actors and better understand the technical side and the” behind the scenes” of what happens.

All actors will be sent commercial sides and requested to self-tape ahead of time. Tapes will be reviewed by our guests and given feedback.

Half of the class will be chosen for a “callback” scenario. It will be explained why specific actors move on and why some don’t. Everyone will stay in the class whether or not they’re selected. This is to mimic a real-life scenario and show you the process of booking a commercial.

Not ALL actors will be selected for the “callback”. But ALL actors will be in the class the entire time.

Everyone needs to come “callback ready.” This means as if you were going to have a REAL callback scenario from home.

  • Commercial Self Tape Eval

  • Live in-home Callback Scenario

  • In-Home Callback Technical Side

  • Behind the Scenes of Commercials

  • Q&A

This class is for 18+yrs

Click here for more information.

February 26 - 27

Broadstreet Film Festival

The Eagle Theatre is excited to host the Broad St. Film Fest on February 26-27, 2021! This exciting, film-focused event will feature 2 days of film screenings, networking events, panels, and keynote speakers that you won’t want to miss.

Click here for more information and tickets.

February 27

Catapult Acting presents Mind Over Actor Workshop | Teens

Often the biggest hurdle for actors is getting the “actor” out of the way and allowing the “human” to bring the character to life. When it comes to auditioning, the craft of acting is only a part of the equation. An absolutely essential element of a successful audition is the power of a strong, confident mindset. In this workshop, actors will dive deep into scene work and the mindset needed to audition at a professional level.

In this 6-hour intensive actors will be exploring:

• Replacing the concept of acting with living

• How to make a scene dynamic

• The effect of our thoughts in the audition room

• The power of being distinctive

• Why consistency and repetition is essential to being great

• Connecting the character to yourself

• The power of your subconscious

• The importance of personalizing a scene

• Painting your imaginary canvas

• Finding and expressing your authentic confidence

Click here for more information.

Georgia Media Academy presents Social Media: Establishing Your Online Presence w/Mickie Funderburke 2-Day Virtual Bootcamp

In this course, students will learn which social media platform best fits your brand, Understand & Engage Your Audience and Understand Content Creation vs. Content Curation.


• Reliable Access to the Internet

• Computer, laptop, or tablet

• Digital file containing: Headshots, Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Brief Bio, Resume of Entertainment and/or Media experience (if applicable)

• Willingness to learn and think outside the box

Click here for more information.

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