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Five Events in the "A" Week of August 25-30

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

August 26

Free Class Audit - Comedy Improv with Matthew Seiden

“Learn why quick - thinking and comedic timing add major value to your acting toolbox!”

For more information, check out the event on Eventbrite.

August 27

NAMIC and WIFTA Presents Conversations with TV and Film Powerhouses

“Join us for an intimate one-on-one conversation with industry experts about the growth of film and television in Georgia. Experts will discuss Georgia’s projected growth, opportunities, and what is being done to sustain Georgia as a booming industry leader.”

Click here for ticket information for this event.

August 28

Film Pitch ATL #13 - Indie Filmmakers in the Southeast Pitch their Films

“Film Pitch ATL is a monthly event held at Ponce City Market where you can engage some of the southeast’s most talented independent filmmakers. Listen as they tell you about their most current production and how they plan to take it from script to screen. Learn from them as they explain their concept, how they cast and crew, their financing strategy, and their marketing and business plan.” For more information, check out the event on Eventbrite.

Are you a screenwriter or a filmmaker? Come socialize with Atlanta and other southeast based writers and filmmakers. This event is held monthly, and it’s free.” Click on the link for ticket information.

August 31

1 Free Class Audit - Acting Revolution (Teens & Adults) with Erin Bethea

“An in-depth scene study class led by award-winning actor, writer and producer Erin Bethea. This class utilizes imagination, backstory, emotional connection, and storytelling to bring dynamic characters to life while also uniquely preparing actors to work in an on-camera environment.”

For more information, be sure to check out the event on Eventbrite.

Is there an event you know of not mentioned in this blog post? Send us an email to

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