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Five Events in the "A" week of April 7-14

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

April 8 - 14

The Atlanta Film Festival continues. For more information on film screenings, etc. please click on the link!

April 9

Interested in attending a film forum this week? “Join Crazy Legs Productions and FSU Film Forum ATL 2019 Independent Filmmaking in Atlanta, for a moderated conversation followed by a Q&A with local independent filmmaker Matt Pope and Atlanta actor Bethany Anne Lind, where we’ll discuss Matt’s journey from the first draft to festival in the making of his first feature Blood On Her Name.” For ticket information, click on the link above.

April 10

Are you looking for a free acting class for your tween or teen to audit? Check out the free class audit for film/tv acting class for teens/tweens with Heather Perry at Atlanta Acting Studios, in Atlanta!

April 12

Want to view the “showcase of the student talent in the Film Institute at Rockdale Film Academy”? RCA Film Fest 2019 presented by Film Rockdale. This is where “student submit their films to be judged by film professionals who currently work in the film industry. Films that are nominated by the judges are screened at the festival event and are running for a chance to receive different awards.” For ticket information, please check out this website.

April 14

Insight Actors Studios presents The Business of the Biz Workshop, where you will learn “what it takes to become a professional actor in the Southeast market. Including how to get an agent, appropriate networking with casting directors, headshots that reflect you well and much more! For ticket information and details, check out the link above.

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