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A Review of KeKe Palmer's Directorial Debut of "Big Boss"

Keke Palmer interviewed on the Red Carpet at The Rialto Performing Arts Center for the screening of her directorial debut of "Big Boss," as the closing night presentation of the 47th annual Atlanta Film Festival.

Last Saturday, Keke Palmer made her directorial debut at the Atlanta Film Festival with her new musical short film "Big Boss." The film is a musical journey as it takes you through the story of Keke navigating the music industry. She introduces a more vulnerable side of herself within this film, unlike what we see from the very outspoken and bubbly actress and singer. Keke covers numerous topics within this movie, such as her mental health and personal relationships with her family. This film reintroduces Keke not only as an artist, but as a multi-talented creative who is ready to shine a light on her own story. Music has always been a big part of her career, and this film allows fans to see Keke's more personal connection to her craft and why she devotes so much time to it.

On top of the amazing storyline, Keke's ability to incorporate her new music weaves into the story well. Each song Keke introduces in the film, pairs with the emotions throughout the film: vulnerability, anxiety, and hope. Each visual for the songs she introduces, feels like you are watching a new music video with a new aesthetic and sound. The catchy lyrics and tone of each song made me want to get up and dance in the theater.

Watch the trailer below.

Overall, the film is an amazing reintroduction to Keke as a singer and musical powerhouse. From the skits she created and uploaded to social media platforms that won her an Emmy to winning the Ossie Davis Award on the opening night of her new movie, Keke is a force to be reckoned with. She has continuously broken barriers and will continue to do so for years to come.

Keke's new film and album "Big Boss" comes out May 12th on Amazon.

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